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Welcome to Elephant Property
Launceston's Property Management Specialists
Elephant Property Management

We are proud to welcome you to Elephant Property's online home - www.elephantproperty.com.au.

We are a specialist property management only real estate agency with over 30 years experience. We're small and as such we offer personalised service and we're passionately invested in our clients being delighted with their experience.

What does an Elephant have to do with property management?

Well, we're here to help carry the load for our investors, and what could do that better than an Elephant? In addition, an Elephant never forgets and that sums up our approach to property management; our promises will never be forgotten and our clients will never be a forgotten adjunct to a sales department... so we'll provide unforgettable service!

Why would an investor choose Elephant to manage their properties?

Our investors and property owners choose Elephant because they want to deal with property professionals who care and who understand investment properties from every facet being investors themselves. We look forward to delighting you. To see what our current clients have to say about the experience, head here.

Contact us at any time by calling 03 6334 6399 or by using our contact form on this website to email, fax or find us in person! We look forward to showing you how property management should be conducted.


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